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Issue No. 46 : August 2014

Our Perspective

Climate Change: The Game-Changer in the Business Community

Climate change is considered a major threat around the globe. Undeniable evidence of global warming and climate change impacts can be felt as major flooding, heavy rainfalls and thunderstorms, droughts, rise in sea-levels, melting polar ice caps and the increase of the Earth's temperature are occurring worldwide. The world's major global issues are related to climate change, particularly when it comes to basic needs such as food, shelter, water and health. Read More

New whitepaper: 5 Steps for Improving Your CDP Performance

Learn the top reasons organizations lose points, and how you can improve your own CDP performance. Gain insight into developing long-term strategies towards sustainability and profitability.

Industry Updates

The Economic Ramifications of Climate Change Move Cities to Protect Businesses, Finds CDP Report

The majority of the world's major cities have disclosed that climate change presents a physical risk to the businesses operating in their cities. This real and current threat is driving local governments to take concrete action in response; so finds Protecting our Capital, a new report from CDP, formerly Carbon Disclosure Project, AECOM and C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group (C40). Read More

How California Dominates in Clean Tech Leadership

The epicenter of clean-energy leadership in the United States is San Francisco, according to a report released by research firm Clean Edge. But cities as diverse as Austin, Texas; Boston; Denver; and Portland, Ore.; also are shaking things up. Read More

DOE Invests $14M in Building Efficiency Technologies

The US Energy Department announced up to $14 million in funding for 15 research and development projects to support energy-efficiency technologies for commercial and residential buildings. The investments are cost-shared with a $3 million investment from industry. Read More

Banking Industry Should Address Climate Risk, Report Says

The banking industry has not successfully integrated climate change risk into its long-term strategic planning, or understood the implications for its business operations, according to a report by Boston Common Asset Management. Read More

Sustainability Grows in Importance for Investment Firms

The majority of investment companies consider sustainability to be integral to investor relations outreach, according to a survey by Thomson Reuters. Read More

How to Create Successful Sustainability Partnerships

As businesses are increasingly expected to work with other organizations to resolve environmental and social problems, there are proven ways to make those alliances successful, according to research conducted by McKinsey & Company. Read More

Water Stress and Climate Change Must Be 'Top Priority' for Businesses

Any business that isn't incorporating climate change adaption or water scarcity issues into its business strategy is taking a 'very great risk' in terms of its sustainability and resilience going forward. Read More

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