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Issue No. 58: August 2015

Our Perspective

Building a Sustainable Workplace

People spend most of their time at work. In fact, it may even be fair to conclude that some people spend more time at work than at their own homes. Providing a healthy and sustainable work environment makes a long workday more enjoyable for employees. A healthy and sustainable workplace correlates to happier employees and, as a result, increased employee productivity, and fewer work-related illnesses, injuries and accidents. This, in turn, could mean greater profits for companies. Read More

Effectiveness of Local Agency Sustainability Plans

A successful sustainability plan allows you to identify and implement goals, milestones and metrics to measure success and address environmental concerns, economic conditions and social equity within your community.

Download our new white paper to review the effectiveness of local agency sustainability plans.

Industry Updates

IBM Recycles 97% of End-of-Life Products

IBM recycled, reused or resold almost 97 percent of the end-of-life products it collected for processing in 2014, according to the tech giant’s 25th annual corporate sustainability report. Read More

Dwindling Water Supplies Push Alberta Developers toward Sustainability

Carolina Oxtoby should be celebrating as she sips wine at a cocktail party in one of the show homes in her latest development. Read More

New Orleans Makes Small Sustainability Gains since Katrina, Data Center Says

Since Hurricane Katrina, the New Orleans region has undergone monumental change, improving economically while still fighting many of its historical woes such as crime, a struggling educational system and working to lift up its low-income population. Read More

Mercedes-Benz Invests €90million to Rev Up Supply Chain

Luxury automaker Mercedes-Benz is to open a new global logistics center as part of a multi-million pound investment in its supply chain and logistics operation. Read More

Fuel Cell Industry Charges Forward Thanks to Big Corporate Customers

Businesses that want low-carbon, reliable distributed power are turning to fuel cells which, if costs come down, could compete with solar and wind energy for these deep-pocketed customers. Read More

Google Street View Cars Monitor Air Pollution

Google has partnered with environmental sensor networks company Aclima to better monitor and understand air pollution in urban areas. Read More

Green Technology: An Added Cost or a Money-Saver?

Small and Medium Enterprises are always worried about the heavy costs of actually going green, but adopting green technology and environmental responsibility could prove to be a money-saver in reality. Read More

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