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Issue No. 62: December 2015

Our Perspective

Best Practices in Sustainability

Increasingly, companies incorporate sustainability into their operations. From planting trees to creating products using recycled materials, corporate sustainability employs a variety of strategies. Some companies stand out in that their sustainability measures are holistic and inclusive. In addition to addressing environmental issues such as greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and renewable energy, they address concerns such as workers’ rights, active stakeholder engagement and disclosure. As a result, they provide effective, long-term solutions to environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues. Read More

Webinar: Outsourcing Environmental Data Collection

Hosted by CDP, this webinar provides an overview of how companies can employ an outsourcing partner to undertake the challenge of collecting data from their global operations.

Learn more about saving money and time by outsourcing your data management.

Industry Updates

Many Businesses Underestimate Supply Chain Threats — Survey

Many small- and medium-sized businesses can’t name key suppliers and don’t have contingency plans in place when disaster strikes, according to reports from Zurich Insurance. Read More

Alberta's Climate Change Strategy Targets Carbon, Coal, Emissions

Alberta's climate change strategy includes a tax on carbon, a cap on oil sands emissions, a phasing out of coal-fired electricity and an emphasis on wind power. Read More

UK’s Lightsource Signs 3 GW Solar Power Deal with India

UK-based project developer Lightsource has announced its expansion into the rapidly growing solar power market of India. Read More

Home Builders are Bullish on Sustainability

U.S. building firms are ready to meet consumer demand for greener, healthier, more efficient homes. Read More

Businesses Urged to Deliver 'Net-Positive' Sustainability Plans

Businesses have been urged to push for 'net-positive' in order to bridge the gap between a 'probable future' deprived of natural assets and a 'preferred future' where companies can prosper as sustainable leaders. Read More

Sustainability Leaders Awards 2015 Winners Revealed

National Grid, Willmott Dixon and M&S are among the big winners of edie's 2015 Sustainability Leaders Awards, announced at a glittering ceremony in London. Read More

Special UN Event Stresses Key Role of Water Management in Tackling Challenges of Climate Change

The United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon hosted a meeting on November 18, 2015 on the links between water management and disaster risk reduction, stressing that floods, droughts and cyclones have caused more than $1 trillion in damages and affected over 4 billion people since 1990. Read More

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