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Issue No. 64: February 2016

Our Perspective

A Look Back at Sustainability in 2015

In 2015, sustainability measures were increasingly integrated into business operations and government policies. Further, these measures tended to be inclusive in nature. All stakeholders—governments, businesses, communities, consumers and investors—were involved from planning to execution. Read More

Webinar: Outsourcing Environmental Data Collection

Hosted by CDP, this webinar provides an overview of how companies can employ an outsourcing partner to undertake the challenge of collecting data from their global operations.

Learn more about saving money and time by outsourcing your data management.

Industry Updates

Companies have Environmental 'Blind Spot' in Supply Chains: Study

Many multinationals have a blind spot in judging the environmental impact of their suppliers' operations, adding to corporate risks linked to climate change. Read More

Toxic Chemicals in Outdoor Products of Leading Brands, Greenpeace Study Finds

Environment group calls on outdoor clothing companies to phase out PFCs, which have been linked to reproductive and developmental problems. Read More

‘2015 is Hottest Year on Record’ – UN Weather Agency

The global average surface temperature in 2015 broke all previous records by a strikingly wide margin, according to the United Nations World Meteorological Organization (WMO), which announced today that for the first time on record, temperatures were about 1 degree Celsius above the pre-industrial era. Read More

'Citizen Scientists' Use Drones to Map El Niño Flooding

Forget about selfies. In California, residents are using smartphones and drones to document the coastline's changing face. Read More

NOAA Model Finds Renewable Energy could be Deployed in the U.S. without Storage

The majority of the United States' electricity needs could be met with renewable energy by 2030—without new advances in energy storage or cost increases. That’s the finding of a new study conducted by researchers from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Read More

Flint's Water Crisis Should Raise Alarms for America's Aging Cities

Lead pipes installed in cities 100 or more years ago need to be replaced, sooner rather than later. Read More

Lower Zambezi is World’s First Carbon Neutral National Park

As world leaders deliberate the best path to take towards a carbon free energy future, a remote national park on the banks of the Zambezi River in Zambia is leading the way in reducing its reliance on fossil fuels. Read More

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By Megan Crawford

7 Easy Sustainability Actions from COP21 Paris 2015 that will Make a Difference

By Sharolyn Vettese

A Story of Data, Data Storage, and Data Visualizations

By Dinali Mallikage

How Sweden Became the World’s Most Sustainable Country: Top 5 Reasons

By Ben Wilde

H.B. Fuller’s Lüneburg Adhesive Academy is LEED® Certified to the Gold Level

By Ben Wilde

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