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Issue No. 51 : January 2015

Our Perspective

From Lima to Paris: The UN Climate Change Conference Paves the Way for a Sustainable Future

Mitigating climate change and its consequences is one of the most popular global agenda items. 2014 climate change mitigation landmarks include: UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon organizing the UN Climate Summit, held during Climate Week NYC; the EU announcing the reduction by at least 40% of its carbon emissions by 2030; and the United States and China signing a bilateral agreement to reduce their respective carbon emissions. Read More

New whitepaper: Alphabet Soup - Selecting and Using Sustainability Reporting Frameworks

Dissect the various sustainability reporting frameworks and evaluate their benefits in order to select and use the best one for your organization.

Industry Updates

Environmental Protection to Become Big Business in China

Business related to environmental protection is likely to become a pillar of the Chinese economy in the future as the silver lining of the serious pollution that plagues the country is that cleaning it up also presents great opportunities to make money, experts said. Read More

Why There's More to Sustainability than 2015's Big Global Events

2015 promises two big milestones for sustainability: the launch of the new sustainable development goals (SDGs) in New York in Autumn, and the COP21 climate talks in Paris in December. All eyes are on these processes, which promise to shape the future of sustainable economic development and climate change. Read More

The Secret Side of Business Sustainability

When it comes to making your business sustainable, there are a few different definitions. It could refer to long-term financial sustainability, or even cultural and social sustainability. But here, we refer to a business's sustainability as its ability to operate in an environmentally friendly manner. Read More

What It Takes to Finance the Next Generation of Resilience Power

Hurricane Sandy was a stark reminder of the fragility of our electric grid. Despite a proliferation of distributed solar systems over the last decade, Henry Misas, senior project engineer at Bright Power, Inc., reports the vast majority of these systems are grid-dependent and incapable of supplying power in the case of a blackout. Read More

HR Should Fill Environment Skills Gap

There's a worldwide skills gap emerging and if it isn't quickly bridged by HR it will threaten the prosperity of business everywhere. Read More

3 Ways Green Building Saves Money

Green building saves business owners money, says Mike Schoenecker, vice president at Winkelman Building Corp. Read More

Need to Talk to a Climate Denier? Here's How

It's time to talk about climate change — whether you are a business leader, city planner, educator or just a climate-concerned citizen. But with nearly a third of Americans outright denying the existence of climate change, and more than half (56 percent) of those who concede that the planet is warming up refusing to attribute it to human activities, you've got your work cut out for you. Read More

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