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Issue No. 56: June 2015

Our Perspective

Sustainability Reporting: An Important Tool in Promoting Corporate Responsibility

As transparency and accountability continue to be driving forces in business leaders’ decision-making processes, corporate reporting is important. Whether about an organization’s finances or sustainability efforts, reporting provides clients, consumers and investors useful information when deciding which organizations and businesses to support. Sustainability reporting, in particular, addresses the growing demand by significant market segments for trustworthy information on corporate social responsibility and environmental, social and governance (ESG) efforts. Read More

Webinar: Data Collection for Responding to CDP

Many companies struggle to keep up with collecting energy bills and environmental data, collating that information and analyzing it all in one place. CDP will talk about where companies have traditionally sourced data for reporting to the climate change questionnaire. FCS will discuss our experiences with collecting data, especially the way outsourcing your data collection requirements allows an experienced team to identify business process outsourcing (BPO) opportunities that help you:

  • Save time compiling underlying data and calculate more accurate inventories
  • Identify and manage climate change risks and opportunities
  • Free up staff to focus on higher level activities
  • Engage your stakeholders in the process
  • Improve overall climate change performance

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

12:00am PST / 8:00am BST or 9:00am PST / 5:00pm BST
Register here Register here

Industry Updates

Future Trends in Sustainability Reporting

New data technology will lead to greater transparency with corporate reporting moving fully into the digital realm and occurring in real-time instead of annually, according to analysis by the Global Reporting Initiative that looks at future trends in sustainability reporting. Read More

Indonesia Pushing Forward with 19% Renewable Energy Target by 2019

The Indonesian government is pushing forward with its target of 19 percent new and renewable energy use by 2019 to reduce the country's dependence on fossil-based energy sources, a minister has said. Read More

Most Glaciers in Mount Everest Area Will Disappear

Most of the glaciers in the Mount Everest region will disappear or drastically retreat as temperatures increase with climate change over the next century, according to a group of international researchers. Read More

California Residents Eager to Meet Water Restriction Standard But Unsure How

Across California, people are flushing toilets less, taking shorter showers, watering lawns less – yet, the state did not collectively cut its water usage anywhere near its goals for April 2015. As such, the California government has instated unprecedented emergency mandates for water conservation, requiring businesses and residents to immediately reduce their water usage by an average of 25 percent. Read More

6 Trends Driving Businesses to Double Down on Sustainability

Sustainability is already significantly affecting many markets. But environmental and social issues are also poised to keep moving much higher up the list of business priorities. Read More

Energy Industry Calls for New Emissions Targets to Aid Low-Carbon Growth

World governments must sign a clear new agreement on greenhouse gas emissions at a crunch conference in Paris in December 2015, leaders of the world’s energy industry have urged. Read More

Science, Technology “Key Elements” of Sustainable Urbanization

As the Habitat III process continues to pick up speed, agencies within the U. N. system that are not traditionally focused on cities have begun turning their attention to urbanization. Read More

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