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Issue No. 53 : March 2015

Our Perspective

The Big Shift to Energy: Why Energy Management Matters to Businesses

The emergence of an energy-conscious industry has become increasingly popular among various global companies. Over the past decade, significant technological advances have made it possible to develop an efficient and innovative energy management strategy that provides tangible results to organizations worldwide. Read More

Whitepaper: Utility Energy Data Management

Learn how to reduce your energy consumption, gain control of your energy spending and increase productivity and profitability.

Industry Updates

Emissions–Reduction Technology Generates Employment, Economic Growth

Investments in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions-reduction technology that were funded, in part, by the Climate Change and Emissions Management Corporation from 2011 to 2016 will contribute more than $2.4 billion and add 15,017 person-years of full-time-equivalent employment to the Canadian economy, according to a Conference Board of Canada analysis. Read More

How the Agricultural Movement Tackles Challenges of a Warming World

Rice is a thirsty crop. Yet, Alberto Mejia has been trying to reduce the amount of water he uses for irrigation on his 1,100-acre farm near Ibague in the tropical, central range of the Colombian Andes. Read More

8 Tips to Engage Employees in Sustainable Manufacturing

Employee engagement is key to any company's sustainability success story. The majority of GM's 220,000 employees around the world support their global manufacturing operations. That's 171 plants from Cairo to Kaiserslautern working to continually reduce their carbon footprint and connect with their communities. Read More

EU Wants Paris Climate Deal to Cut Carbon Emissions 60% by 2050

The world's states should commit to a legally binding emissions cut of 60% by 2050, with five-yearly reviews, in a Paris Protocol to replace the moribund Kyoto agreement at a climate summit later this year, according to a leaked EU document. Read More

Apple's £1.25bn Europe Data Centers Will Run Entirely on Renewable Energy

Apple has announced £1.25bn plans to build two data centers in Europe powered entirely on renewable energy. Read More

Balmy or Blizzards? US Coasts are Experiencing Opposite Winters

Snow, snow, and more snow. The overabundance of it has dominated the headlines. But while the recent bout of winter weather has painted the middle of the country and East Coast in white, there is only a small area of the U.S. that is truly getting pounded with snow. Yes, that's you, coastal New England. Read More

India Air Pollution Cutting 660 Million Lives Short by 3 Years

India's filthy air is cutting 660 million lives short by about three years, according to research published February 21, 2015 that underlines the hidden costs of the country's heavy reliance on fossil fuels to power its economic growth with little regard for the environment. Read More

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