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Issue No. 49 : November 2014

Our Perspective

Circular Economy: Inspiring Green Commitments to Businesses

According to a report by the World Economic Forum, 20th century industrialism has led to the prevalent use of a one-way or linear model of production and consumption. Organizations that adapt this linear model provide products manufactured from raw materials which are then sold, used, and discarded or incinerated as waste. Read More

New whitepaper: Improving Your CDP Performance

Learn the top reasons organizations lose points, and how you can improve your own CDP performance. Gain insight into developing long-term strategies towards sustainability and profitability.

Industry Updates

Green Seal Proposes Environmental Innovation Standard

Green Seal, which certifies sustainable products and services, is accepting public comment on its proposed standard for environmental innovation. Read More

Levi's, M&S, Others Brands Pledge Zero-Deforestation

Levi Strauss & Co., Marks & Spencer, Portico Brands and ASOS have joined Canopy's Fashion Loved by Forests initiative, committing to ensure their fabric sourcing doesn't harm endangered forests or contribute to deforestation. Read More

Less CO2, More Profit? Absolutely!

I find it difficult to believe that even in this day and age companies still need to be provided with incentives to ensure that they are operating in a carbon-friendly manner. If your moral compass isn't guiding you, then the driver should at least be to ensure your organizations' business continuity and profitability. Read More

Where is Water Tech When You Need It?

There are no shortages of stories on the environmental, social and economic negative impacts of water scarcity and the drought in the U.S. in general and in California in particular. Read More

GM, Dow, Others Launch Zero-Waste Initiative

General Motors, Dow Materials and Marathon Petroleum are among the companies working on an initiative to develop zero-waste partnerships in Detroit. Read More

Bay Area Lawmakers May Force Refinery Emission Cuts

San Francisco Bay Area lawmakers are moving forward with rules that would cut emissions at refineries as much as 20 percent, in a move that the industry worries may cut operational flexibility, according to SFGate. Read More

With Companies Nailing Disclosure, It’s Time to Tackle Performance

CDP recently released its S&P 500 2014 Climate Change Report (PDF) — the first of 2014's series of reports analyzing the 2014 climate change responses and ranking companies for their climate change disclosure and performance. Read More

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By Tiffany Day

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By Margaret Partridge

A Brief History of the Global Carbon Market

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