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Issue No. 61: November 2015

Our Perspective

Judging by the Cover: The Importance of Sustainable Packaging

Packaging is one of the many aspects of running a sustainable business, with some sustainable businesses even manufacturing products that are packaged unsustainably. Many household products — toothpaste tubes, pizza boxes, shampoo bottles — are often made from unrecyclable materials. Read More

Webinar: Outsourcing Environmental Data Collection

Hosted by CDP, this webinar provides an overview of how companies can employ an outsourcing partner to undertake the challenge of collecting data from their global operations.

Learn more about saving money and time by outsourcing your data management.

Industry Updates

Climate Change will be an Economic Disaster for Rich and Poor, New Study Says

The argument against addressing climate change always has been fundamentally an economic one: We can't afford the needed disruptions to our fossil fuel-driven society. Read More

Morocco Poised to become a Solar Superpower with Launch of Desert Mega-project

The world’s largest concentrated solar power plant, powered by the Saharan sun, is set to help renewables provide almost half the country’s energy by 2020. Read More

Are Biodegradable iPhone Displays Next?

University of Missouri researchers are using organic components in screen displays to develop biodegradable electronics. The researchers’ advancements could one day help reduce e-waste in the world’s landfills. Read More

Government “Must Back Sustainability in UK Industry”

The Government should drive energy efficiency in Britain’s manufacturing industry through tax credits, investment and support for innovation, a Parliamentary research group has said. Read More

Sony Drones Spotlight Bright Supply Chain Future

Sony tends to enter new sectors in a big way and its drone joint venture underscores the Japanese OEM giant's confidence that drones will become a blockbuster market. However, while drones are expected to become a hit commercially and eventually improve supply chain management practices, it is still too early to gauge the lasting impact drones will have. Read More

Air Pollution Stunting Children's Lungs, Study Finds

High levels of air pollution are stunting the growth of children’s lungs, a major study has found. Read More

Investor Coalition Calls on World Banks to Measure Carbon Footprint

The world’s largest banks are failing to adequately measure, disclose or manage the risks presented by global climate change and are missing opportunities in financing projects related to energy efficiency or renewables, according to a study financed by a coalition of institutional investors. Read More

Top Posts from the FCS Blog

The Quest for a Sustainable Fashion Culture

By Ben Wilde

Sustainable Fashion: Golden Opportunity or Oxymoron?

By Ben Wilde

How an Investment Plan Can Change the Way Europe Achieves Sustainability

By Ben Wilde

The UC System’s Water Management Battle Against the Drought

By Alicia Godlove

Pope Francis' "Climate Change” Speech Sparks Reform in the US

By Daisy Sim

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