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Issue No. 60: October 2015

Our Perspective

5 Organizations with Leading Energy Innovations

As standards of living rise, so does energy consumption. People buy more cars, computers, mobile phones and other electronic gadgets. This lifestyle of accelerated consumption contributes to a host of environmental problems such as global warming and the depletion of energy resources, which have the potential to lead to irreversible consequences. Read More

Effectiveness of Local Agency Sustainability Plans

A successful sustainability plan allows you to identify and implement goals, milestones and metrics to measure success and address environmental concerns, economic conditions and social equity within your community.

Download our white paper to review the effectiveness of local agency sustainability plans.

Industry Updates

Google Maps Local Air Quality in California Communities

Google is equipping some of its Street View cars with an air pollution-sensing platform from environmental sensor network company Aclima to measure air quality levels in various communities in California. Read More

UK to Spend £5.8bn on Tackling Climate Change in Poor Countries

Almost £6bn of the UK’s foreign aid budget will be spent on tackling climate change in poor countries over the next five years, David Cameron has said, as Britain steps up its contributions by 50% to help meet international targets. Read More

Study: Most Non-Climate Scientists Agree on Global Warming Too

Supporters of policies to address man-made climate change are quick to cite research showing 97% of climate scientists believe that humans are contributing to global warming. Now, new research suggests that consensus extends to scientists in other fields. Read More

Farm Water Management Lessons from the Desert

In this patchwork quilt of irrigated green farms tucked into a vast expanse of desert, cacti and mesquite, it seems improbable that water-loving vegetables could be sustainably produced on a large scale. Read More

Businesses Save Millions by Adopting ISO 14001 Standard

An increasing number of global businesses are adopting the international environmental management systems standard ISO 14001, according to the latest ISO 14001 data, which shows that the number of certificates issued worldwide has grown 7 percent in one year. Read More

'Game-changers': BT and M&S Top FTSE100 on Carbon Management

Telecommunications giant BT has secured the top spot in a report of the carbon reporting performance of the top 100 companies floated on the Financial Times Stock Exchange (FTSE100). Read More

H.B. Fuller Lüneburg Adhesive Academy Awarded LEED Certification

H.B. Fuller has announced that its newest technical center of excellence, the Adhesive Academy in Lüneburg, Germany, is LEED® certified to the Gold level. It is the first laboratory building in Germany that has achieved a Gold certification under version LEED v2009 NC (New Construction). Read More

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