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Performance Review

If you're looking to improve your performance, but aren't quite sure where to begin, let FirstCarbon Solutions (FCS) give you a Performance Review for this year's disclosure.

After scoring 15,600+ CDP questionnaires since 2011, FCS recognizes that participating companies are losing a significant number of points for two reasons:

  • A company doesn't have all the necessary processes and practices in place for a full-fledged climate change management system.
  • The answers are not properly structured to achieve the maximum points based upon the CDP scoring methodology.

According to CDP, "FCS' services will be more in depth, insightful, and aimed at helping suppliers improve, rather than a simple admin check of responses." In fact, 100% of our CDP clients improved their score year-over-year.

FCS offers three different Performance Review options to best meet your needs:

This consultation will help you interpret this year's scores, so that you can formulate a plan for improving your organization's performance. We will help lay a foundation for your plan, including water disclosure and GHG Inventory.

You may also consider our Scoring Assessment Services, which provide a much more comprehensive review of your CDP response PRIOR to submission.

Already disclosed to CDP? Schedule your Performance Review call here . For more information on pricing options, complete the short form on the right, and we will follow up shortly.

CDP Accreditation means both CDP and our clients endorse our services. After scoring 15,600+ CDP responses since 2011, FCS is an expert in the CDP scoring methodology and building streamlined corporate sustainability systems using our state-of-the-art software and data collection services.*

*Data Collection & Analysis. Drive efficiency and reduce costs by outsourcing specific business functions to FCS, CDP’s Global Scoring and Outsourcing Partner. We have 30+ years’ experience providing services, devising solutions and creating opportunities that get you out of spreadsheets and into saving resources like fuel, energy, manpower and, of course, money.

In accordance with CDP’s conflict of interest policy , FCS does not provide official scoring services for any of our CDP consulting clients.

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