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Bill Processing, Reporting & Audit Energy Services

Energy Management Solutions - energy answers at your fingertips

Improving your energy footprint and reducing costs starts with understanding where your energy dollars are going today. FirstCarbon Solutions (FCS) offers the unique ability to track, monitor and report your energy usage on a day-to-day, nearly real-time basis. 

Utility bill processing and payment

Your program starts with state-of-the-art bill processing and payment services. FCS will make sure your utility bills are processed efficiently and accurately. Our clients enjoy centralized utility bill processing, better utility information access, greatly reduced late fees, and the comfort peace of mind brings in knowing that highly trained experts are handling their utility invoices on their behalf.

With FCS, your organization will manage utility bills more efficiently and cost-effectively. Whether you are a major retailer, a restaurant chain, a manufacturing firm or a government agency, we help you maintain good record–keeping practices, which are essential to your cost-saving and sustainability efforts.

Effective utility reporting

Getting those energy reports out to upper management will be easier with FCS on the job. The secure, password protected FCS website contains a number of both financial and operational “canned” report templates that you customize with your specific report criteria. Making it even easier for you, many of these reports can be run automatically every month! If our report templates format isn’t quite what you need, don’t worry; use our custom “ReporTrak” tool which allows you to create your own report, including any of the billing information we capture off of your utility billings.

If you are trying to improve your sustainability scorecard, our “Sustainability Workbench” reporting platform will help monitor any metric you need and establish energy consumption baselines for you to set and track your improvement goals.

Monthly utility bill auditing

Our consultants and data experts also provide in-depth data analyses of utility fees and other charges to help your organization determine cost-saving opportunities, improve your energy footprint and identify billing errors across the supply chain. Not only do our consultants find cost saving opportunities for you, but our monthly review of your bills will allow us to identify data integrity issues as well.

With FCS, you not only receive the best consulting and data processing services but also our Sustainability Workbench software which features advanced tools to measure, monitor, manage and report your sustainability progress.

As you seek to improve your utility bill management system, expect nothing less from FCS than providing the guidance and support you need to improve your bottom line value in a world increasingly focused on sustainability.

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