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Energy Management & Rebate Administration

Smart Energy Management for energy data, strategies and programs

When it comes to managing energy programs for your internal operations, customers or constituents, only FirstCarbon Solutions (FCS) helps you manage your energy programs to succeed in optimizing both your costs and results.

Improving your operations

FCS helps companies in a range of industries to design their strategic energy plans to reduce both costs and consumption. Whether it's recommending replacement lighting, implementing new space heating or cooling systems, or operating existing products more effectively, we’ll help you dramatically reduce your energy costs and intensity – and help drive those changes throughout your organization.

An energy assessment or audit is the starting point. You’ll go through a step-by-step process designed to pinpoint weak links in your energy infrastructure as we recommend ways to optimize your overall energy use. We’ll work with you to design a complete energy efficiency program for your building(s) and operations and recommend solutions that will save you time and money, not only in terms of consumption but also in the handling of bills, audits, verifications, and payments.

FCS eases the burden of energy management with solutions that include:

  • Validation and verification of energy usage
  • Energy efficiency programs
  • Assistance with utility or state-managed energy efficiency opportunities
  • Site audits looking for cost-effective measures to reduce your usage and carbon footprint

Tools for your success

In addition to consulting and data management services, FCS provides industry-specific, comprehensive software solutions for the collection, management, reporting and analysis of sustainability data – giving you a complete picture of your energy performance.

Accessible via the Internet, our Sustainability Workbench tool offers a secure, robust data management platform to automate your energy data recording, monitor any metric you need and establish energy consumption baselines for you to set and meet improvement goals.

Rebate and Incentive Administration

Reach your Energy Management program goals at half the cost

No company is better equipped than FCS to help private companies, utilities and municipalities to plan, launch and implement energy rebate and incentive programs.

Our rebate and incentive administration services support programs from across the United States and Canada. We’ll provide you with expert data management and reporting that is crucial for a successful rebate program. Best of all, we find we can do it for up to half the cost than managing it yourself.

Take your program dollars further

FCS offers a proven, outcome-focused solution including a robust audit path for your treasury or auditors. In addition, our team of experts use established and certified processes in the evaluation and processing of applications and approvals, reporting, and payment processing all done in a secure, accurate and timely manner.

Our service allows you to quickly identify and collect the necessary data, review and verify it, and calculate the amount your individual customers should receive. It's just this kind of streamlined support that turns a burdensome, onerous rebate task into a simple, reliable operation that provides a positive experience for your customers – and meets your program sustainability goals.

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