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Landlord & Utility Lease Audits

Lower utility costs through Lease Audits

Are the utility fees on your property leases part of your Utility Management Plan? Or are they uncontrolled expenses?

When it comes to your utility fees, you could be paying more money then you should be! Don’t let utility fees that are contained in your property leases become an uncontrolled expense. With FirstCarbon Solutions (FCS), your billing and payment methods can be managed just like your other utilities.  FCS reviews your property leases and then provides your organization with best practice recommendations to help you gain insight into your usage and costs. We identify opportunities to reduce your utility costs – helping to put savings back into your pocket.

Our consultants and data experts provide in-depth data analyses of landlord utility lease expenses to understand how your cost structure is established and identify what method will best suit your needs. We then use this information to verify that your lease is reflected correctly in your billings.

Bill management made easy

Here are some questions to consider: Should you be paying the local utility rates as if they were billing you directly, or does the lease language allow the landlord to bill you whatever they want to from month to month? When you start a lease, are you reading the meter to make sure you are not paying for the usage of those who occupied the space before you?

With FCS, you no longer have to worry about these questions and others like it. FCS will look at how your usage is being billed by the landlord and compare it to similar facilities, making sure that you are receiving the best rate for your service, and not over-paying. Thus, your organization will manage landlord utility bills more efficiently and cost-effectively.

As you seek to improve your landlord and utility lease management system, expect nothing less from FCS than providing the guidance and support you need to improve your bottom line value.

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