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Other Utility Management Services

Leadership and expertise make FCS the best choice and partner in addressing your long-term Utility Management needs!

To round out your utility management program, FirstCarbon Solutions (FCS) offers these additional services designed to reduce your annual operating costs and to provide you with better utility management tools.

Natural Gas & Electricity Procurement

Negotiating the best contracts and managing price risk can often become increasingly complex for major energy and fuel consumers. FCS is here to act as a “broker” or “agent” on behalf of your organization to purchase natural gas or electricity in states where services are deregulated. Our elite services entail monitoring market conditions, developing a buying strategy, going to the market on your behalf, executing purchase agreements and monitoring the fulfillment of the energy contracts.

Account Open or Close Service

Clients who open or close many accounts during the year spend a considerable amount of resources and time coordinating with the utility on account openings or closings to ensure the schedule meets their needs. FCS works with your organization’s property department to coordinate these efforts to help ease the transition and save you time.

  • A custom process is put in place enabling FCS to identify accounts that need to be opened or closed while working with your existing personnel and processes.
  • Utilities are turned on in time when the service is needed and closed when you no longer need the account, saving your business monthly service fees or billings when you’re no longer responsible for or even need the account.

Security Deposit Liability Audit

FCS looks at your organization’s security deposit and bond liabilities to see where they can be reduced or eliminated. In most cases, when these audits are completed, FCS is able to reduce security deposit liabilities by up to 20%.

  • An audit of each utility’s rules and regulations is completed to identify security deposit rules and how they affect current deposit and bonding levels.
  • An inventory of deposits/bonds held is done to bring a company’s deposit and bonding levels up-to-date on all accounts, whether newly set up or from 50 years ago.

Annual Forecast and Budget Preparation

  • A utility cost and usage forecast can be prepared based on your information and market conditions.
  • Customer information on operational changes proposed, utility rate changes suggested or energy procurement activities projected will be considered when building the forecast.
  • The final product will be a future look at usage and cost from where an operational budget can be built upon.

If you operate multiple facilities, then you know how challenging it is to manage your utilities and costs. FCS provides you with the tools and expertise you need to ensure that your bills are paid correctly and efficiently. So if you’re a small, medium or large organization and you think you are paying too much in utility costs, contact us today!

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