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Carbon Accounting: Beyond Inventory

The fuel in your forklifts, the refrigerant in your cooling systems – carbon footprinting services from FirstCarbon Solutions (FCS) provide detailed, comprehensive, and accessible data about the carbon intensity of your business, processes, and products from cradle-to-grave. Our data processing experience and energy management expertise is unsurpassed, making us an efficient, cost-effective and trusted partner for your carbon footprint initiatives.

Be a more competitive supplier

How easily and completely you can respond to supply chain requests from your customers can determine how competitive you are as a supplier. We save you time and money by making up-to-the-minute carbon data available any time. Our carbon accounting solutions ensure you have precise and granular data at your fingertips – on a product-by-product, process-by-process basis and from raw materials to the loading dock to the retailers’ doors.

Selected by the CDP

Our experience with carbon accounting is unmatched. As CDP Supply Chain's scoring partner, FCS was tasked with taking information provided by participating suppliers and creating a disclosure score, and for the first time, assessing a CDP Supply Chain performance score. These scores help CDP Supply Chain members and their suppliers benchmark performance and seek year-on-year improvements.

FCS was selected as a scoring partner because of its leadership position in sustainability and data processing and management. The scored data provides tangible insights for CDP members in assessing which suppliers are performing well on climate change and those that are lagging behind.

Carbon Footprint or LCA?

They’re not the same. But a carbon footprint is a key component of a life cycle assessment (LCA). To optimize economies of scale and minimize costs, many organizations elect to conduct a full LCA – encompassing water, waste, and other natural resources and impacts - at the time they establish their carbon footprint. FCS encourages this practice for several reasons:

  • Implementing carbon footprint, energy efficiency, and LCA measures concurrently is more cost-effective, as they share much of the same data.
  • Performing an LCA of your entire manufacturing process lets you simultaneously evaluate multiple products, product lines, and processes.
  • LCA data can be used to drive a wider range of businesses decisions to improve supply chain and product line sustainability and profitability.

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