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Environmental Consulting for Business Consumer Products

Leaner processes. Accessible data. Higher profits.

FirstCarbon Solutions (FCS) helps manufacturers of consumer goods bolster profitability and ROI in a number of ways. From how efficiently you operate to how competitive you are in a sustainability-conscious market, we offer consumer products-focused consulting expertise, tools, and data management services to make a bottom line difference now.

Measure your footprint

Whether you’re in apparel or electronics, our Life Cycle Assessment and carbon footprinting solutions will help you slash waste from your processes, reduce energy consumption, and put the data you need to respond to retailer requests at your fingertips. We’ll help you become both leaner in how you operate and more competitive in your market.

Trace your supply chain

FCS will help you establish and validate your own sustainability footprint and that of your supply chain, because whether your raw materials include cotton or chemicals, it’s your inputs and supply chain that factor most into the size of your environmental footprint.

Leverage your labeling

What product labeling is available in your market and what’s the value of pursuing a sustainability-focused label? What labels will actually improve your bottom line? We’ll work with you to develop or meet product declaration rules to create a labeling advantage for your business.

Only FCS fully integrates sustainability consulting and software with unmatched expertise in back office data processing to put you on the path to sustainable, compliant profitability. The result is more cost-effective operations, improved process efficiency, and more secure customer contracts.

FCS in action for consumer products

For M.E. Heuck Co, FCS helped them successfully achieve their goals in manufacturing their first CarbonNeutral line of cookware and kitchen gadgets in the market, while satisfying their certification requirements in a cost-effective manner.

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