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Environmental Consulting for Healthcare

Supporting efficiency and quality

From drug manufacturers to hospital facilities, every sector of the healthcare industry is under pressure to reduce costs and waste. Only FirstCarbon Solutions (FCS) fully integrates consulting and software with unmatched expertise in back office data processing to put you on the path to sustainable profitability. 

Reduce operational costs

For manufacturers of healthcare-related products and pharmaceutical supplies, we offer carbon management, LCA (life cycle assessment), and energy management services to help you identify waste, reduce energy and resource consumption, and operate more profitably. As we understand the constraints that FDA-regulated manufacturing sites are under to make their processes more sustainable, we’re the partner you need to become more efficient while maintaining required protocols. 

Supporting suppliers of choice

If you are a supplier of pharmaceutical products, we help you cost-effectively collect and report on your sustainability status to make responding to customer requests for data simpler and faster. Our data processing capabilities are cost-effective, scalable, and proven, because having granular data on your performance readily available to your customers at a moment’s notice can make you a supplier of choice and more competitive in the marketplace. 

Efficiency partners for hospitals

Because of a hospital's required "on-demand" flow of energy, from lighting and heating 24 hours a day to medical analysis equipment and even laundry and food preparation, managing energy usage is a unique challenge. FCS helps healthcare organizations balance the goals of improving operating costs while upholding your core mission to deliver high quality patient care. We help our hospital clients manage energy usage and carbon emissions as well as assess their broader footprint, encompassing mobile sources such as travel of personnel; shipping of goods, equipment and materials; and production of non-GHG emissions, such as air toxic emissions, sterilization, pathological waste and water usage.

Across the healthcare spectrum, FCS provides the expert consulting services you need to plan for profitability, the software systems required for tracking data across facilities and various energy efficient devices in real time, and the data processing expertise to make it all happen seamlessly and cost-effectively.

FirstCarbon Solutions in action for healthcare

For Baystate Health, FCS prepared a comprehensive baseline GHG inventory, encompassing all of Baystate Health’s locations based on sound principles and leading protocols.

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