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Environmental Consulting for Manufacturing

Uncover hidden costs. Discover untapped opportunities.

Opportunities for reducing resource costs can be found throughout your manufacturing processes, facilities, and supply chain. FirstCarbon Solutions (FCS) will help you not only uncover them – but also prioritize what changes will deliver the best ROI now. Even better, we make achieving those goals simple and cost-effective.

From raw materials to fleet fuel consumption to electricity use, we’ll help you track and measure the sustainability of all your business inputs and outputs – how much waste you produce, how much water you consume and from where, and in what condition you return it to the environment. And of course, we’ll help you evaluate where you can conserve resources to reduce costs and risks throughout your supply chain – improving both your environmental performance and your profitability.

LCA or Carbon Footprint?

To optimize economies of scale and minimize costs, many manufacturing clients elect to conduct a full life cycle assessment (LCA) at the time they conduct a carbon footprint. FCS encourages this practice for several reasons:

  • Implementing carbon footprint, energy efficiency, and LCA measures concurrently is more cost-effective, as they share much of the same data.
  • Performing a life cycle assessment of your entire manufacturing process lets you simultaneously evaluate multiple products, product lines and processes.
  • LCA data can be used to drive a wider range of business decisions to improve supply chain and product line sustainability and profitability.

Outsource the administrative tasks and data entry components of your LCA to FCS, and you’ll dramatically reduce your overall program costs even further.

LCA can make you a more competitive supplier

From retail giants to healthcare organizations to government procurement agencies, your customers increasingly require transparent and comprehensive sustainability data from suppliers.

Our services provide you with ready access to data on your processes, your systems, and sustainability on a product-by-product level. With that data at your fingertips, you’ll improve your status as a supplier of choice in a sustainability-driven marketplace.

Underpinning our solutions for manufacturers are robust software tools and data processing services that allow easy and accurate tracking of your sustainability indicators, going beyond assessing carbon footprint and GHG emissions to encompass water, waste and a full spectrum of natural resources throughout your manufacturing processes and your supply chain.

FirstCarbon Solutions in action for manufacturing

For M.E. Heuck Co, FCS helped them successfully achieve their goals in manufacturing the first CarbonNeutral line of cookware and kitchen gadgets in the market, while satisfying the certification requirements in a cost-effective manner.

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