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Sustainability Consulting for Commercial Real Estate

Finding ways to achieve maximum ROI across your real estate portfolio

Are you a commercial property owner or management firm looking for ways to reduce your risk exposure and increase your organization's efficiency? Are you in need of solutions to upgrade your operational practices and processes for maximum ROI and improved bottom line? Then you can count on FirstCarbon Solutions (FCS) for the software tools, consulting expertise and data management services that you need to succeed.

FCS will help you develop an integrated and comprehensive strategy to reduce your energy usage and carbon emissions. We integrate our consulting services with our Sustainability Workbench software platform to help you lower your overall energy costs and carbon footprint.

In addition, FCS provides utility bill processing services that ensure you pay your bills accurately, promptly and without duplication. Our energy experts also provide professional advice on how you can take advantage of applicable rebates and incentives for increased savings and improved efficiency.

With our unparalleled expertise in data management, we have the technical capabilities to develop software and data processing services, such as transaction data administration, document management and data system conversion, so you can handle Big Data more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Excellent support services to propel your expansion goals

If you're planning to build or upgrade a retail or commercial complex, FCS supports your plans from day one. If you're considering multiple locations for your project, our engineers, environmental specialists and regulatory experts help you make an intelligent site selection. We also ensure you leave no stone unturned in preparing your project blueprint by performing various environmental assessments, such as those for Air, Traffic & Noise, Cultural Resources Management, Environmental Assessments, Environmental Compliance, Natural Resources Management and Water Management. And, we will even manage your entitlements and permitting processes so you don't have to wade through the myriad of paperwork and filing procedures.

FCS integrates software solutions, top-notch consulting services and expertise in back office data processing to help you strategize for a successful venture. So expect nothing less from FCS Solutions than providing the guidance and support you need to improve your bottom line value in a sustainability-focused world.

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