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Scope 3 Reporting

While you may have your Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions well documented, you may find it difficult to manage what you don’t control yourself. Quantifying Scope 3 emissions can be the most time-consuming yet uncertain part of a carbon footprint – and they most likely comprise over half of your organization’s carbon footprint. Many organizations struggle to coordinate information from their supply chain, verify its accuracy, collate it with their own data, and continually manage it in one place. FirstCarbon Solutions can help you apply data on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) performance to drive improvement along your extended supply chain and streamline your Scope 3 reporting.

FirstCarbon Solutions works with you to implement transparent, measurable improvements in climate change mitigation, resource efficiency, productivity, and risk management, enabling an environmentally responsible end-to-end supply chain. We offer a number of technology and process management services to help you gather and calculate your Scope 3 emissions more efficiently and effectively than ever.

  • Supplier Communications allows you to outsource the entire process of contacting your suppliers whether it’s to remind them to provide information or provide help with disclosures like CDP, using a combination of methods, including email and telephone.
  • General Ledger Scope 3 Calculations apply an integrated hybrid approach requiring only your general ledger, a reliable and complete source of information, and maps it via proprietary software to the Comprehensive Environmental Data Archive (CEDA®) database to deliver an initial, complete supply chain carbon footprint. Our efficient approach significantly reduces the time and resources typically required to complete a Scope 3 emissions footprint, while improving the completeness and accuracy of the results.

In addition to helping you collect Scope 3 emissions, FirstCarbon Solutions offers:

  • Sustainability Workbench™, the most advanced technology platform available, providing a Supplier Management application so you can work with your extended supply chain, including those in developing countries, to capture, analyze, report, translate and share data to drive ESG performance.
  • Supplier Collaboration, which helps you and your Tier 1 suppliers save costs, reduce environmental, social and operations impacts, and grow business together. Combining an ability to facilitate large scale collaboration along with expertise in driving measurable performance improvement, FirstCarbon Solutions makes it efficient for you to work closely with your Tier 1 suppliers in delivering scalable collaboration programs across your entire industry web or value chain.