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Data Processing Services

Entrust your documents to a global leader in data processing

As organizations face increasingly massive amount of information in conducting business, big data management and processing can be invaluable for your sustainability and profitability goals. An effective and accurate data processing and management system streamlines your data-intensive activities, reduces resource use & time loss and drives down operational expenses by eliminating waste and errors.

FirstCarbon Solutions (FCS) fully integrates consulting and software with world-class expertise in back office data processing so you receive the most comprehensive solutions that meet your unique needs. Specifically, we provide the following services to streamline the processing of your energy, sustainability and environmental data and documents:

We collect, collate, and upload your data into either your database or our Sustainability Workbench or FCS ghgTrack™ tools. This way, your staff gains the time and resources it needs to focus on data analysis and interpretation.

As a part of ADEC Group, a world leader in data processing and management, FCS has access to a workforce of more than 5,500 experts and professionals across the globe to ensure your data and documents are safe and well-maintained, performing even complex data processes such as bill validation & verification, large-volume bill sifting & basic error checking to historical data entry for gap analysis and cash recovery data entry for CRC compliance.

Let our data processing experts do the work for you

FCS undertakes a thorough and detailed procedure for metering and billing accuracy. We manage your utility bills, audit them to make sure you are on the correct rate schedule, and prepare them for prompt payment. We also establish a consolidated bill pay program and produce auditable data management reports for your A/P department within the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) guidelines to secure credit card transactions.

Our experts perform energy assessments and data gap analyses to identify and eliminate process inefficiencies, and we maximize your purchasing power and help you negotiate with energy providers for the best rate schedules to save on costs. Finally, we deliver data authenticity by auditing and validating your energy invoices – clearly and accurately demonstrating savings that will stand up to detailed external scrutiny.

When it comes to challenges you face in data processing and management, expect nothing less from FCS than providing the guidance and support you need to improve your bottom line value in a world increasingly focused on sustainability.


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