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Sustainability Document Management Services

Documents at your fingertips via sustainability reporting systems

Let FirstCarbon Solutions (FCS) digitize and centralize your energy and environmental data – for real cost savings at every step.

Many carbon reporting programs, both voluntary and mandatory, require that an independent third party verify the accuracy of your total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. These auditors can spend dozens of billable hours sifting through file cabinets looking for specific utility bills. If an auditor has to prove, for example, that you correctly reported the 623 kWH of electricity that a facility used in March, you don't want to pay for the time it takes to find the paper record.

Our sustainability document management services include:

  • Image scanning, data processing, and indexing: Turn paper records and key data into digital files for online file storage and fast access.
  • Storage and archiving: We can box and store your paper records for you, give you access to your digitized, searchable documents in our document management system, upload your electronic documents on your document management system or provide you with a DVD of information.
  • Security and permissions: Specify who can see and do what, if you are using our document management system.
  • Software integration: Interface with your organization's existing systems to streamline data management.
  • In the event of an audit: FCS’ document management services save you precious hours of verifying time by compressing and optimizing your data, time, and resource requirements.

FCS combines this extensive expertise in back office document management and data processing with comprehensive consulting and sustainability software to help you achieve sustainable profitability across your organization.

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